Adrian Bennett takes flight in the role of Pilot in Gold Coast International Airport TVC

Adrian Bennett Stars as Pilot in Gold Coast International Airport TVC

Gold Coast, Australia – June 17, 2024 ( – South African dancer Adrian Bennett has been featured in a prominent Television Commercial (TVC) for the new Gold Coast International Airport, captivating audiences in the distinguished role of the Pilot. Handpicked by renowned choreographer Amber Leigh Flaherty and the accomplished creative team at Roshambo Creative, Adrian’s exceptional talents secured him this coveted role.

In this distinguished role, Adrian shares the stage with Sophie Holloway, acclaimed for her performances in Baz Luhrmann’s cinematic masterpiece “The Great Gatsby” and the electrifying Radio City Rockettes. Guided by the artistic vision of Amber Leigh Flaherty, whose impressive portfolio includes collaborations with esteemed entities like Universal Studios Japan, Sydney Kings NBL, and Gold Coast’s iconic Dracula’s Cabaret, Adrian adeptly executes intricate choreography that epitomizes his artistry.

This captivating advertisement encapsulates the entire spectrum of careers within the aviation industry through a delightful musical cabaret. Helmed by Roshambo Content, a trailblazer in contemporary entertainment that has garnered a staggering half-billion global views with their viral and award-winning content, the advertisement speaks volumes about Adrian’s artistic prowess. The agency’s groundbreaking musical campaigns, exemplified by their work for distinguished brands like Bayer and the Gold Coast Airport, have rightfully earned them esteemed media accolades on a global scale.

Roshambo’s influence extends beyond national borders through their collaboration with FrameWorks LA, their esteemed sister company, focusing on high-impact campaigns and projects in the United States. Adrian’s contributions shine even brighter as he graces billboard campaigns across Australia. Adrian’s on-screen charisma is not confined to the air, as he takes center stage in the commercial’s theatrical presentation across cinema screens throughout the vast expanse of Australia, captivating millions of viewers.

In summation, Adrian’s involvement in this television commercial, a production of utmost sophistication and reach, exemplifies his exceptional artistry, while simultaneously contributing to the promotion of the Gold Coast International Airport in an unforgettable manner.



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